Apply for Research Grants

Our grants are usually in the range of $2,000 to $15,000, and are considered on a rolling basis. In order to apply for a grant, please send a letter of inquiry to If approval is given at the initial stage, we will ask for one PDF file (this can be done for free at that has the following.

1) The CV(s) of the individual(s) applying for the grant, which should include their current affiliations.

2) A 250-word maximum abstract describing the project.

3) An up to 2,000 word grant application that explains the project and why it fits with the research supported by CSPI. Please include references to previous research that you will be addressing and discuss how your project contributes to the an academic field or public discourse.

4) Any supplementary materials, including pre-registration materials and charts or graphs showing work that has already been done.

5) A budget.

Special preference will be given to projects at a more advanced stage, and, when appropriate for the research design, those that have been pre-registered already. Our grants are mainly meant to cover the costs of research, although a stipend may be provided for individuals that do not have other sources of funding.

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